About Us

Meet the Night Owl Moms! We are all family, at different stages of life, which gives us a unique perspective. Between the five us, there are moms to an empty nest (but don’t forget the grand kids!), teenagers, elementary school age, toddlers and babies!  We are five women who love life and love to blog about it!

Barbara (mom/grandma) calls Idaho home but is currently serving a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with her husband in Fresno, California. She was blessed with four daughters and no sons! She enjoys puzzles, both jigsaw and word, and crushes everyone that plays games against her. She also enjoys baking and is famous for her melt-in-your mouth rolls and holiday Ring-a-Lings (sweet rolls).

Mindy is the oldest and lives in Utah. She stays busy as a mom of four. She loves being outdoors with her family, crafting, cooking and decorating. Currently she teaches 3rd grade and has a passion for education.

April lives in Idaho and is a mother to two teenagers. She enjoys wood crafts, and decorating, especially anything that involves her silhouette and heat press.

Becca lives in Nevada and has her hands full with 3 boys ages 5 and under. She loves spending time with her family, photography, cooking, crafting, and all things digital.

Millie is the youngest. She is an air force wife and stay at home mom to her 1 year old boy. She currently resides in South Dakota. She enjoys cooking, sewing, traveling and going on adventures with her family.

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