Back to School Questionnaire

I know it’s only the beginning of August, but school just started for us this week. I have mixed feelings about starting this early. It’s rough on the kids, since it’s still like 100 degrees outside! But honestly, I’m kinda ready. My oldest is starting kindergarten, and although it’s a little sad, I’m mostly excited. Since my second will be in preschool three mornings a week, I get to actually run errands with one child. I’m not even sure I can imagine what that’s like, but am ready to find out!

One way to document your child’s growth each year, is to have them fill out a Back to School questionnaire at the beginning of the school year. I designed and created this Back To School Questionnaire, and am sharing it as a FREE printable. You can download the file, print it out and ask your children the questions. I’m sure it’d be so much fun to see how their answers change year to year.

Wishing all of you a happy school year!

Download the Back to School Questionnaire Here


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