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Blue and Gold Cakes…Emoji Style

My boys had their Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet this month.  Our troop brings a decorated cake to share with the families that attend…and since I have two 8 year old boys we got to make 2 cakes {insert eye roll “lucky me” emoji!}  This year’s theme was Emojis.  And even though I was not looking forward to making 2 cakes, since I was feeling pretty good about my recent cake decorating successes I dived into this one head first!  Yes, I did an awful lot to help my boys here, but I will tell you their cakes were 100% their own ideas and I just gave them some guidance and direction.

This was the first boy’s cake.

He honestly did about 80% of this decorating by himself!  He loves this kind of thing!

This is the second boy’s cake.  This one just cracks me up!  He knew exactly what he wanted.  He was much more hands off and just telling me what to do.  But he still enjoyed the process.


Emoji Style Cakes

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