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Free “Ice Girls” Clipart

This month we’ve been spending time in Idaho with family, while we are in limbo with our move. It has been COLD and SNOWY! My little California boys don’t like it at all! But, we’ve done some fun things. Like, did you know if you throw a cup of hot water outside in -20 degrees weather, it immediately evaporates? It’s so cool!

My kids have the BEST papa! He took the snow blower and shovel and make the funnest sledding hill for them. On days when the temperature is decent enough to go out, we bundle up and spend a long time playing on the hill and building snowmen. The path that papa made to the sledding hill has snow walls on both sides almost as tall as my one year old!

The first snowman we built, the kids decided to crash it immediately. So we made a second one and I convinced them to let it stand and we could watch it melt. They thought that was a great idea! And in case you were wondering, real boys wear pink. (Or boys that don’t have their own snow pants)

With all this cold weather, it put me in the mood to share one of my favorite cliparts that I’ve made. This “Ice Girls” clipart is perfect for this time of year! I can’t wait until all my kids are old enough to take ice skating! I love the fun and cheery colors in this free clipart. It puts me in a happy mood despite the freezing temperatures outside! You can download the “Ice Girls” clipart for free and use in any of your digital designs!

Download the free “Ice Girls” Clipart here.


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