Gerber Daisy Floral Spring Wreath

I love spring! I love everything about it… flowers and trees in bloom, playing outside, and the thought of summer around the corner! We recently bought our first home, and as much as I love it, the outside is SO brown. Not only is the house painted brown, but it has dryscape. I love color and the front of the house definitely needed some! I originally had in mind of making the wreath with hydrangeas, but when I went to Michael’s they were double the price of the gerber daisies. I’m cheap, so daisies it was! I also got an 18 in. wire wreath frame and some floral wire.

While making the wreath, I changed my mind a lot! First, I decided I was going to bunch about 5 daisies, of the same color, together in each section (there are 9 sections on the wreath). I cut off the daisies, grabbed the floral wire, and tried to tie them on. Needless to say, it didn’t work! The kept sliding around, and I was getting frustrated. I tried a bunch of different things, and nothing was working out right. Finally, I decided I would hot glue them on! Instead of bunching them in colors, I decided to alternate the three colors, one of each per section. That looked much better! But… they still weren’t laying right. I flipped the wreath over, tried to attach it on the backside and… viola… it worked! It’s a little unconventional, and being on the backside, the wreath is flatter, but I still like how it turned out. If I were to do it again, I would probably just use a styrofoam wreath instead, it would probably be easier! After all the daisies were glued on, I took the leaves and glued them on.


27 gerber daisies (smaller ones, not the huge ones) – Mine came in bushels, with 6 daises. I bought 3 colors, 2 bunches each. They were 40% off and came out to $1.99 each (total – $12)

Wire wreath frame (or styrofoam wreath) – $3.99 with 40% off coupon (total – $2.39)

Hot glue gun (already had)

Total cost – Less than $15

After I got the wreath hung, I decided my door needed something else, so I used my silhouette to cut the welcome sign in white vinyl. I used the free font, Great Vibes.

I love how everything turned out, and I love the pop of color it gives my house!


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