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DIY Monthly Baby Boy Stickers

When I had my second child, my sister-in-law gave me these super cute monthly tie stickers and a few different sized white onesies. It was such a fun idea and I loved documenting my babies growth each month!

For my sister’s baby shower, I decided I wanted to give her some also. I used digital papers from the “Boy Oh Boy” digital scrapbook kit by Summertime Designs. (Her blog is no longer active, but I wanted to give her credit!) I designed the monthly baby stickers in Photoshop. It was a pretty simple process. Just make a few circles (using layers), add the digital paper as a clipping mask to the bottom circle and then add the words in a cute font. Then I saved the file and opened it up in Silhouette Studio. I was then able to do a print and cut on my silhouette with sticker paper. It was really quite easy (other than the fact that my printer kept jamming the sticker paper, but it’s an old printer). I loved how they turned out!


Baby Boy Monthly Stickers


Here’s my handsome nephew… all grown up! It’s crazy how much babies grow their first year!



A few weeks after my nephew was born, I gave birth to baby #3. I admit that I slacked and didn’t get my own stickers done in time, so I cheated and bought them online. Not handmade by me… but they were still cute!

Can I just say how hard it is to keep a baby still at 9+ months for a picture! Almost impossible!

And as you can tell, my babies are born with no shortage of hair. Mr. S got a haircut at 3 months old because he already had a mullet growing down the back!


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