Rock Star Birthday Party


Rock Star Cupcakes

My kids get birthday parties on their even birthdays.  So for my daughter’s 6th birthday she wanted a rock star party.  She specifically asked for cupcakes.  At first, she asked for chocolate ganache on top…then changed her mind and said she wanted music notes made from fondant. LOL! Um…I guess she is actually paying attention when we watch Cupcake Wars!  I fortunately had a friend who let me borrow this tiny cookie cutter to make my music notes.  I was so happy with how they turned out!

And here is her birthday cake I made for her family birthday party.  I even impressed myself…I’ve never been too good at this kind of thing!

Rock Star Cake

The biggest hit of the party was the microphones the girls made.  I wish I had better pictures, but I had to steal one from Pinterest…where I get pretty much all of my ideas from. There are numerous sites with pictures and directions.  My older daughter was a life saver and painted all my toilet paper tubes black for me while I made cupcakes.  I found styrofoam balls just the right size at Walmart (tried Dollar Tree, but they were mixed sizes.) The girls covered the balls with tin foil and I hot glued the balls onto the painted toilet paper tube.  Then they could decorate the tube with a strip of colored paper and sticky gems.  They had a blast!  Then they used their microphones to karaoke to songs we played off of YouTube.

We also had a star piñata which they all loved!

And all the girls went home with their “Swag bags” with of course…Pop Rocks!  My daughter got to finish the evening with pizza and watching “Barbie Rocking Royals.”  It was a great party!


Rock Star Party Pinterest

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