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Spring Break Staycation: 40 Boredom Busters

My kids are currently on a two week spring break. We were supposed to be enjoying the sun and sand in Southern California, but instead, just like the rest of you, we are stuck at home in self-quarantine because of COVID-19. We all super bummed about it, but are trying to make the best out of a crappy situation. I am a list lover. I even make lists to remind me to make lists! So I decided to make a list of fun staycation spring break activities to do with my kids, although we could also call these self-quarantined activities!

1) Cooking Classes – Have your kids help you out in the kitchen and teach them a new recipe! You could even step it up, and with their help, come up with a new recipe. You may even find a new family favorite!

2) Fire & S’mores – We love to utilize the fire pit in our backyard. It’s a fun activity even if it is a bit chilly outside.


3) Hiking/Nature Walk – The great thing about being in nature, is that there usually aren’t a lot of people around. Go explore a new hiking trail or go on a short nature walk if you have little kids. It would even be fun to come up with a nature scavenger hunt list and see how many your kids can find.

4) Geocaching – I have a few friends that love geocaching. It a great way to get out and be active without having to be around people. Are you new to geocaching? Check out their website and download the app before getting started.

5) Family Game Night – Pull out some of your favorite board or cards games and have a little family fun.

6) Invent a New Board Game – Do your kids like to make up their own rules to games or have great imaginations? Get the creative juices flowing and invent your own board game.

7) Learn a New Skill – Is there something that your child has been wanting to learn that you haven’t had enough time to teach them? Maybe it’s sewing, photography, knitting or painting. Spend some time together reading books, watching YouTube videos and learn it together.

8) Family Sports Day – Enjoy a family game of basketball, baseball, soccer or another sport that your family loves.

9) Kids Crafts – Pull out that box of kid’s craft supplies that’s collecting dust on the shelf and let them use their imaginations. Or if you’d rather, you can buy craft kits from places like JoAnne’s, Michael’s or even online from Oriental Trading.

Kid's Crafts

10) Woodworking – Have you always wanted to make a birdhouse or a kid’s table or chair? Sort through all that scrap wood in your garage and build something together with your kids.

11) Have a Dance Party – My kids love it when I turn on dance music and they are allowed to go crazy. Even my baby enjoys getting in on the action. They also like to play freeze dance. Just play some music, stop it at random times, and whoever is still moving is out! Another fun idea would be to play it on the trampoline. It makes it a little more difficult!

12) Learn a New Dance – Teach your kids some of those old school dances that you used to do. The YMCA, Macarena, Electric Slide, Boot Scootin Boogie, Chicken Dance, Cupid Shuffle, Thriller, Cotton Eye Joe and the Twist are all great ones. Maybe your kids could even teach you some of the newer dances! (I’d list those but honestly, I don’t even know what they are.)

13) Play School/Party Games – Bust out some of the classics like Freeze Tag, Musical Chairs, Duck Duck Goose, Bingo, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Sleeping Lions or have an Egg and Spoon Race.

14) Make a Music Video – Some kids might be hesitant to do this, but they turn out so funny and are awesome to watch back. Pick your favorite song, put on some costumes and have fun!

15) Outdoor Games – If the weather is nice enough, pull out the chalk, bubbles, do some hopscotch, four square or jump rope.


16) Build a Fort and Have a Movie Marathon – What kid doesn’t love building forts? Put on those engineering caps and build something awesome. Then make some popcorn, put on a movie or even a series a movies!

17) Outdoor Movie Night – Do you have a projector and white sheet? Set it up outside and enjoy a movie in the great outdoors. Pull out some blankets, maybe a mattress, or hang out on the trampoline.

18) Camp in the Backyard – Pop up that tent in the backyard, make tinfoil dinners and sleep under the stars.

19) Jigsaw Puzzle Race – My kids love those big Melissa & Doug floor puzzles. Have some friendly competition, pull out the stopwatch, and race to see who can put it together the fastest. Do your kids get competitive and upset when they lose? Pull out a bigger jigsaw puzzle that you can all work on together.

20) Bike Ride – Get some exercise by going for a bike ride. Check out some new trails, explore, or just ride around a familiar neighborhood.

Bike Ride

21) Scenic Drive – Explore the area around you! Is there something you’ve been wanting to see but never have the time? Pack some water and snacks and go for a drive.

22) Fishing – Fishing is a great outdoor activity that you can do solo or in a small group. My husband loves to take our boys fishing and it’s a great way for them to bond.

23) Relay Race/Obstacle Course – Get your game on. Setup an obstacle course in your backyard. If you have the equipment, you could even set up some Ninja Warrior apparatuses. Is the weather not cooperating? You could do a smaller relay race indoors.

24) YouTube Karaoke – Karaoke… need I say more? This is a great way to pass the time and will put a smile on everyone’s face.

25) Paint or Draw a Picture – Use your imagination and create something new, or find a tutorial online to follow.

26) Scavenger Hunt – You could do this one of two ways. One, give the kids a list of things to looks for and see how many they can find and cross off. Or two, set up clues that they have to solve and then race around the house/yard to find the next clue. The last clue will lead them to a final destination where they will find a prize.

27) Paper Airplane Race – See who can build the best paper airplane. Choose a starting line and see how well they fly.

28) Lego Challenge – I’ve seen a lot of ideas for this floating around social media. One idea is to give everyone the same prompt and see who comes up with the best build.

Lego Challenge

29) Gardening – Spend some time teaching your kids the value of hard work. Take time to work outdoors, plant, water, weed and prep for summer.

30) Rock Painting – My kids love to paint, and how fun would it be to create fun rocks? Go on a hunt for the perfect rock, take it home, and transform it into an animal, object, or your favorite scene.

31) Write Your Own Book – Do your kids have overactive imaginations? Do they like to draw? Work together to write and illustrate a book.

32) Star Gazing – If it’s not too cold, drive away from the city lights and do some star gazing. There’s a lot you can see with the naked eye, but it would be more fun with a telescope!

33) Find a new playground – Drive around a check out a playground you’ve never been to before. Another fun idea is to see how many different playgrounds you can hit up in a day.

34) Go on a Picnic – Pack a lunch and head out to the perfect outdoor location to enjoy.

35) Fly a Kite – You can fly it in your own yard or take it to a nearby park.

36) Cupcake Decorating Contest – Have your kids help you make cupcakes, and then decorate! Let them be as creative as they want. Pull out sprinkles, candies, marshmallows, cereal… anything goes! I did this with my kids and it kept them occupied for two hours.


37) Go to the Drive-In – The Drive-in is a great place enjoy a fun movie, while keeping distance from other people. Grab some snacks and head out for an evening of fun.

38) Go on a Virtual Field Trip – There have been so many fun ideas for virtual field trips that I’ve seen recently. Pick one an enjoy learning from the comfort of your own home.

39) Exercise – Do some indoor exercising like kid’s yoga or zumba. You can have fun together while being healthy at the same time.

40) Play-doh – Dig through the back closet and pull out all that play-doh and accessories that you purposely hid. If your play-doh is all dried out, you can enlist your kids help and make your own homemade play-doh.

I hope these ideas help you stay safe and sane! Do you have any additional ideas? Please leave comment and share with us.

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