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Why I’m the Worst “Boo-er” EVER!

Like many neighborhoods, ours has the super cute traditional “Boo” routine where during the month of October you get ding dong ditched and find a yummy treat on your doorstep.  Then as the recipient, you are suppose to share the “Boo” poem and treat and 2 more neighbor’s houses, thus appropriately teaching your children the joys of ding dong ditching.  It’s a fun tradition!



There always seems to be issues when it comes around to my turn to “Boo.”  I NEVER get it done in the allotted day the poem specifies.  I feel pretty darn good if I get it done by the 2nd or 3rd day!  It really shouldn’t be that hard, but…for me it is!

Here are my top 4 reasons it’s hard!

1. I always feel guilty buying a treat from the store. (However, when I was 7 months pregnant with my last, I’m pretty sure I bought a treat from the store.)  I fret about what treat to make, or finding time to make it, or having the right ingredients on hand to make they yummy treat.

2.  Who to “Boo”!  Do we “Boo” the old couple, like its a dare to see how fast they can really run away from a door?  Do we “Boo” the recluse family?  Do we “Boo” the gluten free family, even though our treat is totally not gluten free?  Do we “boo” the family with a hundred kids?  (This is tricky because too many kids means we don’t have any leftover yummy treat for us.)

3.  Time Management!  You have to go late enough that its dark and most families are settling in for the night, but not too late that it could potentially wake up sleeping children or disturb early birds.  That means going directly at 8:00 p.m….-ish.  And guess what?  That is a crazy time for us too!!!

4.  Copies!!!  You are only given ONE copy of the “Boo” poem and you are suppose to make 2 copies to pass on.  I’ve had 3 or 4 years where I couldn’t get my stupid printer to copy the poem!!!  And then there was the one year…or more…that I had my original to make copies so we didn’t hang it up in our window and we were “Boo-ed” twice!  My kids didn’t complain.

This year I knew it was coming.  I saw the signs start to go up along the street.  I figured we were up any day.  I knew exactly what treat I wanted to make and had the ingredients on hand.  I knew my printer was working great.  I knew my kids were excited enough this year to help ding dong ditch.  I was totally ready.  I kept waiting all week for it to be our turn.  I even thought about making the treat early just so I had it ready to go!

And then came our turn…Friday night!  My kids ran to the door when they heard the knock and excitedly gobbled down the Walmart cupcakes.  The problem?  I had waited all week, but now going into the weekend we were going to be so busy with family in town!  I figured I’d have time on Sunday to worry about it.  Sunday (Day 2) rolled around and guess what?!  I was short butter?!!!  I borrowed butter from a neighbor, but by the time we got dinner over with, treat made, it seriously wasn’t ready to deliver until well after 9 p.m.!  Monday rolls around…(Day 3) We left for the pumpkin patch and dinner out, fretting to get a scout project completed and kids in bed and low and behold I see the yummy treat sitting on my stove at 9 p.m.!  Another “Boo” fail!  Maybe tomorrow.  And maybe next year I can avoid another “Boo” fail!  Maybe.

Here’s a link to a cute “Boo” poem if you want to try this in your neighborhood!  (Although I guess I didn’t do a great job of selling the whole idea.)

And if you want to know what my yummy treat was (that my family ended up eating instead of getting passed on to the neighbors) click here.

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